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Fabrik Web Forms Wiki

We maintain an introductory Welcome Wiki on our own network. Please visit there to learn about Factory 4.0 Open Initiative, LLC. (FourOh-LLC).

This network is temporarily hosted on A2 Hosting resources, for development and staging. We do not have any control over the behavior or the performance of this network. Please remember this when the web pages are slow to respond or not responding - as it happens once in a while.


This wiki explains the design and implementation details, and currently it is the official FourOh-LLC Fabrik Web Forms Wiki.

Screen Configurations

It is recommended you have a dual-screen setup, and you use two different browsers to avoid sharing session information. Here is the combination and browser windows you should be using:

User From Chrome

Developer from Firefox

This way you may read this wiki on one screen, while creating your web forms on the other screen.

Of course, if you are familiar with VirtualBox - you may have many separate browsers. My workstation has 4 screens, for each screen I run a VirtualBox instance on Ubuntu, and on each instance I run 4 different web browsers: Chromium, Firefox, Pale Moon and Google Chrome. This gives me 16 different browsers with full isolation of sessions. Most run my browser games, some I use for chat, email and screenshots and a few I use for actual work.

Do not forget to zoom the browser window content. Fabrik web forms are not very efficient in managing screen real-estate. On small, low-resolution screens you might need to shrink just below your comfort level to be able to fit a good number of controls onto the screen, without the need to scroll.

Initialization (and Initiation)

FourOh-LLC configures the entire Fabrik stack for you, to make support much easier. This way we do not need to guess what you see on your screen. We do not need to guess if there is something different about the Linux, Joomla or the Fabrik configuration. We recommend you start by creating and restoring backups by Akeeba - and you do not start creating web forms until restore works for you.

We do not “document” fundamental stuff. We are a Linux User Group, we gather in pubs, in libraries, on campus - and we install, configure, upgrade, backup, restore. You need to dedicate some time afterwards and memorize it all. Basic understanding of Linux, VPS hosting, and familiarity with the way the World Wide Web works is essential.

There is NO SUBSTITUTION for skills with the command line, with server hardware, with something else than the smartphone and a bunch of minimalist “apps”. So if you do not have that sort of background, and your skills are limited to smartphones and apps - you have considerable work to do. It also helps when you have command of the English language, and you are able to use more than just a few icons, LOLs and OMGs in order to express and respond to complex ideas.

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