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86JH3PW5+2F Kane County, Illinois

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Address Book

The FourOh-LLC Address Book is undergoing its second revision. The address is now separated to the following fields for the basis:

  • 1234567890 (id)
  • 86JH3PXC+4FV (pluscode)
  • 102 (building_address)
  • 2nd St (street_address)
  • West Dundee (city_address)
  • IL (state_address)
  • 60118 (zip_short)
  • US (state_address)
  • (web_site)
  • 102 2nd st west dundee il 60118 USA (geo_address)
  • 2 (floor_count)
  • 1 (record_valid)
  • (create_timestamp)
  • (update_timestamp)

Address Line 2

  • 1234567890 (id)
  • 1234567890 (id)
  • Current Tenant (tenant_line) (select from Current Resident)
  • Attention: Custodian (attention_line)
  • Suite 20 (address_two)
  • 1 (usps_ready)
  • 1 (record_valid)
  • (create_timestamp)
  • (update_timestamp)

This is the Campus, Building, Floor, Suite designation. The USPS is not necessary going to deliver to the floor, one building owner might have the authority to rename the Campus, the Suite, one geo-address might hold several floors.

Current Resident

This is the exact name of the current tenant

  • owner (tenant_class) (owner, lease, sub-lease, vacant, other)
  • resident(tenant_type) (resident, business, organization, government, other)
  • (create_timestamp)
  • (update_timestamp)


The FourOh-LLC address book is now separated by the Service type - Office Furniture suppliers are separated from industrial-grade Garage Door manufacturers. The field for this is called FBST-A (Filter by Service Type, Revision A)

The values for these field are harvested from various sources:

  • the About page of the Supplier or the Manufacturer
  • the Catalog or Brochure of the Supplier or the Manufacturer

This is not a precise process. For example, the “Overhead Door Corporation”, a “Sanwa Holdings Company”, is a manufacturer in the “garage door industry”, invented the “upward-lifting garage door”, and the “electric garage door opener”. Part of the Vocabulary used by this manufacturer is as follows:

  • commercial and industrial upward-lifting doors and access systems
  • residential garage doors and openers
  • garage doors
  • garage door systems
  • openers and accessories
  • garage door openers
  • garage door opener accessories
  • commercial doors
  • commercial doors operators and accessories

Their top-categories for Commercial Garage Doors appear to be:

  • High Speed
  • Rolling Doors
  • Sectional
  • Wind Load

Their sub-categories for Commercial Garage Doors appear to be:

  • Rolling Service Doors
  • High-Speed Metal Doors
  • Sectional Steel Doors
  • Insulated Sectional Steel-Back Doors
  • High Speed Insulated Fabric Doors
  • Thermacore Doors
  • High Speed Fabric Doors
  • High Speed Rubber Doors
  • Aluminum Glass Doors
  • Fire Rated Doors
  • Rolling Shutters
  • Counter Doors
  • Rolling Sheet Doors
  • Security Grilles
  • Wind Load

Their Commercial Door Operators appear to be:

  • Heavy Duty Operators
  • Standard Duty Operators
  • Medium Duty Operators
  • Light Duty Operators

Beyond these categories the rest of their data is Model Names, Series Names and other related grouping. In any case it seems reasonable to record but separate these categories by the manufacturer / supplier.

  • ABX = Listing ID, or the Primary key of the Address Book Entity
  • CAT = Category Name
  • CIS = Category Item Summary

The Model Name maybe added to a separate field from these.

The resulting data:

1 1 Commercial Garage DoorSectional - Thermacore Doors
2 1 Commercial Garage DoorSectional - Sectional Steel Doors
3 1 Commercial Garage DoorRolling Doors - Counter Doors
4 1 Commercial Garage DoorHigh-Speed - High Speed Metal Doors

Relations and Mappings

Looking at all the categories above, a rational approach would be to merge some or all of these, so a Service Call to the Manufacturer or to their Service Provider is processed faster, with more accuracy. The questions asked are these and a few more of the same:

  • Serial Number
  • Model Name
  • Date of Installation
  • Size of Door, Material of Door
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