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App / Web Form Master

This is the directory for the menu system, to keep track of the shared scope between each database. For example, external business entities are relevant in one context but irrelevant in another. The Manufacturer of industrial-grade Garage Doors is irrelevant where Office Furniture is the scope.

It is recommended that you build this or similar App / Web Form Master ASAP, to prevent your Web Forms from becoming Tribal Knowledge - the very same thing they try to eliminate!


To show the list and the forms on the web you need to remove all titles and labels. Besides taking up extra screen real estate they also duplicate information that is already shown in breadcrumbs and in the Groups (shown as tabs on the web forms). Proceed as follows, there is page with screenshots for a quick reference, as this is likely to be a standard procedure for all Web Forms.

Main Group

The Main Group holds fundamental information about the Web Form, or a set of related Web Forms.

Web Form ID

The WFID is an 8-character encoded value, the WFID for the Web Form Master is WFDX9R01. In this string the WFD stands for the initials of Web Form Database, X is simply a placeholder and used in four-token names. The 9 is a differentiator in case of collision, and there could be 10 such Web Forms. So Hot Dog Care Center HDCC9R01 and Holmes Daily Computer Care HDCC8R01 may both exists)). The R stands for “revision”, and the 01 is the revision value.

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