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Joomla Security Model

This page illustrates the Joomla and Fabrik Security Model, with a small sample Web Forms Project.

Sample Item A

Lets assume that a bill contains the following fields:

  • Last Update by User = Automatically recorded by Joomla, using the User ID
  • Last Update by Date = Automatically recorded by Joomla, using the current Date and Time

Visitors do not see any of this. Every logged-in Joomla User is able to see the SkyWidget, and the Asking Price. Unless noted they cannot see anything else.

Joomla Users Abigail Seller and Adam Retailer create a record to sell the same SkyWidget and they enter the Name, the Amount on Hand, the Procurement Price, the Minimum Sale price and the Asking Price.

Brian Warehouse is able to see and change the Amount on Hand for Abigail, and Bob Storage is able to do the same for Adam.

Cecil Buyer and Daniel Shopper are able to see the Amount on Hand and the asking price, and able to enter the Best Offer.

Maximus Wholesale and Minimas Pricebreak are able to see the current procurement price, are able enter new procurement offers, and they see each other's offers.

Zed Auditor is able to see it all, but cannot change anything.


  • Item Name (SkyWidget 2020 Limited)
  • Current Procurement Price (100.00 USD)
  • Current Amount on Hand: 99
  • New Procurement Offer: (99.90 USD)
  • Minimum Price: (119.99 USD)
  • Asking Price: (124.99 USD)


Sellers, Buyers, Stockers, Wholesalers, and Auditors.

Viewing Access Levels

Each group have the Posters, Moderators, Publishers viewing access levels

The Users

These are imaginary users, named to help recognize the organizational hierarchy.

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